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Dr. Frankenstein

Cinematic Project in Development 

A Version of Victor Frankenstein’s creation, set in the middle of Mexico City

In the heart of Mexico City, Walton ‘MUNDO’ comes across a worn-out

Victor Frankenstein. Walton takes him inside, nurses him, and hears the

fantastic tale of the human-like monster that Victor Frankenstein created.

His creation attempts to blend himself into the human society. And for that, he has found the perfect place - the Arena Mexico, the ‘Lucha Libre’ main ring. In the middle of the chaotic Mexico City, here he can hide behind a mask, and his unearthly powerful body is embraced and celebrated.

Victor recounts his story. We flashback to his isolated childhood spent in the company of his cousin, Elizabeth, and the days spent at the university, UNAM (The National Autonomous University of Mexico) studying

philosophy, anatomy, and chemistry.

One climactic night, in the secrecy of the university laboratories, he brings his creation to life. When he looks at the monstrosity that he has created, however, the sight horrifies him, and he runs into the streets. Wandering through Mexico City, Victor runs into an old friend Henry, whom he takes back to the laboratory to the monster. But alas! The monster is gone.

Hiding behind the Lucha Libre mask, it’s not going to be easy to find him…

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